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8 Great Places to Eat With Kids in Seattle’s International District

Our favorite hole-in-the-wall eateries plus noteworthy newcomers

Published on: March 02, 2020

kid holding dochi mochi doughnuts up to his face
About-to-be-devoured Dochi doughnuts. Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

A busy family’s dream come true

My restaurant nightmare is the pretentious dinner where the plating is exquisite but the portions are so teeny-tiny that you are still hungry when you leave. Eating out in the International District is my busy family’s dream come true: We get large servings of yummy food — for cheap. The one thing these restaurants tend to skimp on is the ambiance, which is fine with me. I have hungry kids and a Seattle mortgage. I want to pay for full bellies, not for pretty décor.

In my 15 years of pigging out in Seattle's International District — the I.D. —  I’ve seen this neighborhood shift. There are still lots of little mom-and-pop shops, but now they're neighbors with trendy newcomers like the 85°C Taiwanese bakery chain and Iron Chef Morimoto’s Momosan Seattle.

Here I'll reveal my favorite old hole-in-the-wall spots along with some interesting newcomers. Of course my heart belongs to restaurants that look a little run down on the outside and are packed with old people on the inside. That’s a sure sign the food is legit!

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