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A Treat-Free Valentine's Day

15 treat-free Valentine's Day printables to help your kids spread the love

Published on: February 06, 2017


Spread the love!

Expanding on federal wellness policies, many districts now limit or ban treats in their schools. These creative treat-free Valentine ideas (with free printables) will engage little hands and minds while winning the hearts of classmates. And they're easy to pull off!

Photo Credit: At Second Street

Blow me a kiss

Lip-shaped whistles from At Second Street blog! The fastest way to bliss, at least for the kids who discover these in their pile of Valentine cards. If you play your (valentine) cards right, you’ll make just enough for your child’s classmates, which means all that whistling bliss will be happening at other homes, too!

Photo Credit: Bargain Briana

Sip sip hooray!

If you aren’t yet old enough to vote, chances are you find it endlessly fascinating to watch liquid make it’s way through a silly straw. So will your child’s classmates with this simple valentine from Bargain Briana!

Photo Credit: Balancing Home


Teachers will be thrilled with a valentine that engages kids in strategic thinking, like this one from Balancing Home. But the kids won’t notice the happy smile on their teachers face, since they will be too busy making their way through the maze with their new pencil.

Photo Credit: Kiki and Company 

I’m stuck on you

Notebooks, shirts and car windows are all on their way to a freshening up, as the lucky children receiving these valentines get busy decorating with their own sheet of stickers. Stickers will never go out of style thanks to Kiki and Company blog!

Photo Credit: A Mom's Take

Color my heart

This valentine from A Mom's Take involves a cognitive task that is perfect for kindergarteners through third graders. However, kids of any age will have fun watching their picture emerge as they match color to number. 

Photo Credit: Paging Supermom

Rainbow Loom valentine

If you joined the Rainbow Loom mania this past year and now have a million tiny, colorful rubber bands all over your house, then seize the moment! Paging Supermom's idea will help you keep your child busy, get all those rubber bands turned into bracelets and (even better) out of your house. 

Photo Credit: Smart School House

You make me happy when skies are gray

Close your eyes for a moment and remember the feeling of getting a brand new watercolor palette, each glossy color still in its rightful place, not yet muddied by other colors. The endless creation possibilities! Smart School House's cute valentine will inspire that delight in every child receiving it.

Photo Credit: Mommy Gaga

Glow stick valentine

Short on time, or money, or both? Mommy Gaga has a valentine that is a bargain and once you’ve printed off the hearts, your child can pretty much handle putting these together. Not only that, you can also get an evening to yourself with the left over glow sticks — just mention glow in the dark tag and send them into the backyard!

Photo Credit: No Biggie

Paper airplane valentine

A little mayhem now and again is good for the soul. Imagine all the happy mayhem that will take place when a roomful of kids engage in flight testing their new paper aircraft thanks to No Biggie. Now smile to yourself, because that mayhem is happening at school, not at home.

Photo Credit: Relocated Living

Can’t erase friendship

At the beginning of the year students had nice, tall pencils with good erasers, but by February they are all biting the ends of their pencils to eek out a bit more eraser (your remember, don’t you?). Thanks to Relocated Living, classmates will appreciate the new eraser they receive in this valentine in the middle of the school year.


Photo Credit: Dukes and Duchesses

Blown Away Valentine

I can’t say if the parents of your child’s classmates will appreciate this valentine from Dukes and Duchesses, but I can guarantee every child will love it. Who knows — this gift may even unearth a musical prodigy. Kids approach most instruments with an amazing tenacity to create music, so long as lessons aren’t involved.

Photo Credit: The Crafting Chicks

You make my heart bounce

Okay, confession: I have never outgrown my love of bouncy balls. Whenever one makes its way into our home, I delight in making it hit the floor and then the ceiling. It’s equally delightful to watch my kids try to chase it down as it goes haywire after the initial floor-ceiling bounce. We’ll be making these valentines from The Crafting Chicks. I think I’ll buy a few extra balls, you know, just in case.

Photo Credit: A Mom's Take

I mustache you...

Who knows how a mustache craze started, but there's no denying one is taking place. These cute handmade cards from A Mom's Take are so fun. Sweethearts of all ages will have fun snapping pictures with these photo props (or other photo props your kids create for these cards).

Photo Credit: Makezine (Check out 15 Valentine's Day Crafts for this how-to!)

This article was updated on Feb. 6, 2017.

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