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8 Trendy Outdoor Birthday Party Themes

Fresh new ideas for your kid's big day in 2021

Published on: July 14, 2021

8 Trendy Outdoor Birthday Party Themes


Splash party

Kids love to play in the water on a hot summer day. A splash party with a variety of activities will keep your party guests cool and happy. Don’t forget the bubbles!


For young kids, consider setting up a backyard water park with a variety of sensory activities. Janine of Learning4Kids set up a pool with a kiddy slide, a pool with shaving cream, a playhouse wash station with big sponges and soap, plus a clean-up pool! 

Older kids and teens will love using squirt guns and water balloons. Jill of the Create Craft Love blog threw an amazing splash party for under $20. We really love her pool noodle banner!

For extra fun, check out Party City’s assortment of inflatable toys or our DIY options for water games and toys.


For snacks, the blog My Silly Squirts has great ideas such as “Beach Balls” (cheese balls), “Pool Noodles” (Rainbow Twizzlers) and more. Be sure to offer popsicles and plenty of water or hydration drinks.

For an impressive cake, check out the beautiful beach cake from Bey at Blue Eyed Yonder. She uses graham cracker crumbs for sand and Teddy Graham cookies for swimmers. 

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