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How to Throw an Awesome Birthday Bash Without Breaking the Bank

Simple ideas to cut down on costs

Published on: May 14, 2019

Outdoor party for kids

Keeping it simple

All parents want their child to have a special, memorable birthday celebration. But if you rent a venue, serve up lunch or dinner, buy themed decorations and a professionally decorated cake, the cost can quickly add up. You can host an inexpensive party that is fun and impressive without taking out a loan. Read on for tips to keep the cost down. 

1. Invites

Save money and save paper with an online invite. Evite is free and has lots of fun designs. You can sign up to be notified when guests RSVP and it eliminates the invite getting lost in a potential guest’s backpack. 

2. Venue

If you have a backyard, hosting at home is obviously the least expensive choice. Children are perfectly happy sitting outside on a blanket, and if you have play equipment, this can be fun-for-free play in between activities.

If your space won’t accommodate outdoor play, check into renting a picnic pavilion at a local park. Or, look into renting the park in your own neighborhood — many of them are free to book.  

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