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15 Easy and Awesome Birthday Party Snacks and Treats

Clever and low-effort birthday party treats for kids

Jackie Freeman

Published on: March 13, 2024

Frozen bananas covered in chocolate and sprinkles
Frozen bananas are an easy and healthy treat

Keep bellies full and hands occupied with sweet and salty birthday party snacks and treats the next time you’ve got a trip around the sun to celebrate. These recipes are easy to make and just healthy enough that you won’t feel guilty serving them (along with all of that cake and ice cream), but creative enough that the kids won’t notice. 

1. Nut-free no-bake energy balls

Kids at a birthday party might not need any more energy, but they sure do need protein to avoid a sugar crash. No-bake cookies are a simple and yummy solution, and this recipe gets extra points for being gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free! Yummy Mummy Kitchen has all the details you’ll need to create these special and tasty treats. 

2. Healthy banana split 

I know what you’re thinking: how is this possible? Not only is is possible, it’s easy and delicious! Use creamy Greek yogurt in place of ice cream, add your favorite fruit toppings and pile it all on a split banana. Pass out bowls filled with this treat and you will have one happy birthday crowd. Head to Homemade and Yummy for the details (while it’s presented as a breakfast, we think this treat will be great any time of day!) 

3. Sushi sandwich roll-ups

It’s a tea party with a twist when you serve up these adorable sushi sandwich roll-ups from Grace at Eats Amazing. And, you don’t have to worry about picky eaters, because Eats Amazing gets you started with four great ideas, from tuna to PB&J.

4. Fruit pizza

An indulgent sugar cookie crust is balanced with a colorful assortment of fresh fruit in everyone’s favorite dinner-turned-sweet: fruit pizza. And, it couldn’t get any easier to make: Use store-bought cookie dough as the crust and a package of cream cheese for the “sauce.” Check out the Cooking Classy blog for the recipe.

"fruit pizza healthy birthday party treat"
Everyone will want a slice of your fruit pizza.

5. Chocolate-covered pretzel rods

For a fun activity and an easy birthday treat, try these chocolate-covered pretzel rods from House of Nash Eats. These crunchy and sweet wands are easily customized with your favorite colored sprinkles and white, dark or milk chocolate or candy melts. Swap in whole-wheat pretzels for a healthier twist.

6. Hummus with crudités

Kid-friendly hummus with crudités may sound fancy, but it’s really just colorful crunchy veggie sticks served with a dip. Ciara from My Fussy Eater offers a great kid-friendly recipe.

7. Parfait bar

If your party is starting early in the morning, have your little guests prepare their own yogurt berry parfait. Use fresh or frozen berries depending on the season, and swap in coconut yogurt for cow’s milk if you are dairy-free or vegan. Check out Whole Food Bellies for the recipe.

8. Fruit kabobs

Kids love anything served on a stick, and fruit kabobs served with a festive yogurt dipping sauce are no exception! Sara from Dinner at the Zoo has the perfect recipe. Worried about the little ones running around with sharp pointy objects? Swap out the skewers with crazy straws.

"fruit kabobs healthy birthday party treats"
Kids love eating things on a stick.

9. Walking tacos

Elevate your taco game and make them transportable with walking tacos that use healthier baked chips instead of corn chips. Kids can build their own bags, choosing exactly what toppings they like or would like to try for the first time. Check out Mom’s Kitchen Handbook for the recipe.

10. Mini pizzas

Debbie from One Little Project has a delightful recipe for deep dish mini pizzas that require just four ingredients! Even the pickiest eater can’t resist these bite-size creations, which only take 15 minutes to bake.

11. Banana pops

Frozen banana pops are a healthy take on a traditional Popsicle. Let kids mix and match their favorite toppings to create their own ice pops at the beginning of the party, and then enjoy eating their frozen creations at the end for dessert.

12. Chicken fries

Somewhere between chicken nuggets and French fries are baked chicken fries from Tiffany at La Creme de la Crumb. Crispy and perfectly dippable in your favorite sauce (we love ketchup, ranch or barbecue sauce), little hands will love these protein-packed snacks.

"Chicken fries healthy birthday party treat"
A plate of chicken fries won’t last long. Luckily, they are quick and easy to make. 

13. Granola bars

The perfect combination of sweet and salty, these trail mix granola bars from Well Plated are a no-bake treat, which makes it a breeze to prepare. Bonus: they are gluten-free, and you can swap out the peanut butter with other nut (or non-nut) butters if you have any allergies to work around.

14. Mini mac and cheese with broccoli

Homemade mini mac and cheese with broccoli is a kid favorite gone tiny. These are the perfect-sized bites for little hands, plus no plates or utensils are required! Check out the recipe on Mom’s Kitchen Handbook.

15. Mini corn dogs

Impress your guests (and please their tummies) with homemade mini corn dogs. This recipe from Mom on Timeout is much healthier than what you can buy in the freezer section of your local grocery store, and no one has to know that they are actually super easy to make!

"mini corn dogs"
Say it with me: You can’t go wrong with food on a stick. 

Editor’s note: This article was originally published several years ago, and updated most recently in 2024.

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