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Family Fun Night at Fort Nisqually

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Grab your picnic blankets and lawn chairs and head to 1855 for an evening of old fashioned family fun! 

On Friday, July 12th from 6pm to 9pm Fort Nisqually will host Family Fun Night, an evening of 19th-century entertainment for kids of all ages. Families can bring a picnic dinner and settle in for games, music, and the firing of the candy cannon!

Earn prizes for competing in classic competitions like a plate and cup race, sack race, and three-legged race. Think you know the fort? We’ve devised the ultimate challenge with participants accomplishing tasks around the site to win a special reward. Music was a big part of life at Fort Nisqually in 1855.

Kids will have a chance to hear instruments common to the period, learn a song on the penny whistle, and pluck a mandolin and dulcimer. The highlight of the evening comes with the firing of saltwater taffy from the candy cannon. Scramble across our meadow and collect as much candy as you can hold!

Event Details