A Year in Review: ParentMap's Most Popular 2015 Stories

From real parent stories to expert advice on discipline and work-life balance, our editors and readers chose their top picks from 2015

Published on: December 29, 2015

Thank you for a wonderful 2015! We've rounded up some of our editors' top picks and our most-trafficked stories that were published this past year. Click through to see the top picks from different categories. Do you have a favorite? 



Free Range Challenge: What Happens When Three Parents Loosen the Leash a Little?

By Natalie SInger-Velus, Jazmin WIlliams and Tiffany Doerr Guerzon 

Follow Bliss: Should We Step In or Stand Back to Help Kids Find Their Passion?

By Kristen Russell

What I am Teaching my White Son About Race

by Anna Blackshaw

College Mom: 10 Things I Taught My Kids in Kindergarten That Prepared Them for College

By Tami Rogers


Parenting Tools + Discipline

The Power of Real Apologies and a Fake-Apology World

By Rosalind Wiseman

Is Your Child a Master of Manipulation? Moving Beyond Bribes and Power Struggles

By Melissa Benaroya, LICSW 

How Changing The Way You Come Home Can Change Your Family

By Sarina Natkin Behar

Does Your Child Have an Alpha Complex?

By Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D. 


Is the Flipped Classroom the Future of Education?

by Jennifer Vandenberg

Are Boys Being Left Behind?

by Malia Jacobson

Parenting Abroad: American Kindergarten Versus German Kindergarten

By Taylor Johnson

Star Wars parent


9 Ways Being a Seahawks Fan is Like Being a Parent

By Meredith Bland

'Star Wars' Parenting Parallels

By Cameron Graves

Bonuses, Bribery and Other Job Survival Tactics You Should Use on Your Kids

By Meredith Bland

Parent Stories

Notes From Today's School Lockdown: My Imagination Is a Terrorist State

By Theo Nestor

'It's Only ADHD' and Other Stupid Things People Say

By Heather LeRoss

Parenting is Easier When my Husband is Out of Town

By Meredith Bland


Outings + Activities

Rainy-Day Recess: More than 60 Indoor-Play Places in the Seattle Area

By ParentMap Staff

9 Kid-Friendly Waterfall Hikes for Seattle Kids and Families

By Lauren Braden

Swing High, Zip Fast: Most Adventurous Playgrounds Around Seattle

By Linnea Westerlind

Parents Speak Out

Why Gun Violence is Never Accidental

By Liz Hjelmseth 

Vaccinations, Measles and One Mother's Plea

By Amanda Farr-Knickerbocker

Why Having Twins With a Winter Birthday Is the Worst

By Meredith Bland

Making It Work: Work/Life Balance

Making It Work: Continental Divide

By Jon de Graaf

The Boss of Everyone! Being a Parent and an Entrepreneur

By Erin Baebler

A Star Defender of Family Life: Q&A with the Seahawks' Michael Bennett

By Hilary Benson

Why Parents of Kids with Special Needs Can Make the Best Employees

By Liza Long

Brain development

Health + Development

How Mind-Boggling Brain Research is Changing the Way We Parent

By Natalie Singer-Velush

Are You Parenting Your Child Toward Healthy Sexuality?

By Danica Bornstein

Are Your Children Learning to Fail? They Should Be

By Rebecca Hill

Illustration by Allie Arnold

Pregnancy + New Baby

To Test or Not To Test?: What Parents-to-Be Need to Know About Genetic Testing

By Jen Soriano

Best Baby Stops and Outings Around Puget Sound

By Elisa Murray

Get Centered: Break Out of the Exam Room for Better Birth Outcomes

By Kali Sakai 

Parenting Teens + Tweens

What do I do? I Caught My Son Looking at Online Pornography

By Jo Langford

Talking to Kids About Rape

By Jessica Minier Mabe

Throw Away Those Old SAT Flashcards, There's a New Format Coming in 2016

By Heather Parry

Tech + Media

The Seattle Effect: Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit Make Magic

By Lukas Velush

Apps of Kindness: Can Your Kids Download Their Way to a Better Character?

By Kristen Russell 

Rap Clean Enough for Kids: Top 10 Kid-Friendly Artists and Albums

By Michael Berry



Special Needs + Atypical Learners

What About Your Special Needs? Self-Care for Parents of Children With Special Needs

By Nancy Schatz Alton

We Need to Change How Kids With Learning Differences are Diagnosed and Treated, Study Author Says

By Nancy Schatz Alton

Eating Clean: A Game-Changer for Neurocognitive Disorders?

By Malia Jacobson

7 New Books About Special Needs and Learning Differences to Help Parents

By Nancy Schatz Alton

Family Travel

I-5 Play Stops: 24 Fun Breaks Between Portland, Seattle and Bellingham

By Maegen Blue

Last-Minute Camping: 17 Kid-Friendly Campgrounds in Puget Sound

By Nancy Schatz Alton

Yurts 101: Once You 'Camp' This Way, You'll Never Go Back

By Emily Grosvenor


Football and Seahawks Themed Snacks and Appetizers

By Jen Betterly 

12 On-The-Go Breakfasts for Busy School Mornings

By Rebekah Schilperoort

Dinner Delivered: 10 Innovative Services that Solve Your Meal-prep Problem

By Nancy Schatz Alton

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