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Raising Kind

Join ParentMap in a year-long special focus on nurturing kindness, compassion and mindfulness

Published on: February 28, 2017

Girl and kindness

Raising KindFinding time (and mind) for the things that matter most — from connecting with family to engaging in meaningful work to giving back — is a daily struggle. Families are experiencing unprecedented stress and anxiety. Kids face bullying, feel burdened by the pressure to succeed, and are often driven to distraction.

Yet research tells us the antidote to many of our most entrenched problems lies in empathy, mindfulness and kindness. When we practice kindness we feel better about ourselves; compassion might even breed success

These are a few of the reasons why ParentMap is embarking on a year-long conversation to explore how families and schools can nurture empathy, mindfulness and kindness. We’ll look at what research tells us about compassion and the brain, explore the role of schools and we'll give families tools to cultivate these traits – from daily acts of kindness to long-term commitments to volunteerism, one step at a time. 

Community of Mindful ParentingFind our most recent #RaisingKind content on this page; also check our Facebook page for tools and conversation.

This series is sponsored by the Community of Mindful Parenting

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