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5 Ways to Set Resolutions as a Family

Start the new year on the right foot

Jessica Graham

Published on: December 22, 2017


Think big and small. Does your family want to eat together more often? Have a regular family movie or game night? How about taking on a family-challenge activity like hiking or biking once a month? These are all habits worthy of a resolution!

Set actionable — rather than abstract — resolutions. For example, if the end result you’d like to see is your family eating together more frequently, how can you achieve that?Brainstorm ideas and then make your resolutions as specific as possible.

Put your resolutions in writing. The act of physically committing something to paper makes it more concrete. And if you post your resolutions in a prominent place, they can serve as a visual reminder of what you want to achieve.

Schedule regular family check-ins. Decide how often you should assess how everyone is doing: weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. 

Stay resolved but not rigid. If your family members are keeping their resolutions, celebrate this accomplishment and encourage them to finish strong.

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