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ParentMap's 2017 Superheroes for Washington State Families

The world could use a Superhero. We’ve got 10

Published on: March 31, 2017

2017 superheroes

Community of Mindful Parenting

Every year at ParentMap, we honor cape-worthy community members who prove that you don’t need special powers to make a difference. Compiling this list is hard work but only because there are so many qualified candidates. Other than that, it’s one of the most energizing efforts of our year.

We hope you also feel inspired as you read about police officers and activists, lawyers and doormen, moms and dads who, no matter their situations, work to effect positive change. It’s a goal that’s particularly top of mind in the midst of our year-long conversation, Raising Kind. As we announced in our March print issue, Raising Kind explores how families and schools can nurture empathy, mindfulness and kindness — three distinctively human, but no less super, traits.

These superheroes are the embodiment of these traits, so read on and get your dose of motivation mojo. Thank you, Superheroes!

Read about our superheroes

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