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8 Kid-Friendly Hikes Just 90 Minutes (or Less) From Seattle

From a fun island hike to flat trails through gorgeous gardens, try these terrific hikes for families

Published on: May 27, 2020


Kid-friendly hikes ... not too far away

My family loves to hike, but we rarely travel more than a few miles from our home for our woodsy walking adventures. We are always hitting the default button by driving to our favorite local haunts, Seattle's Discovery Park and Carkeek Park.

I vowed to get us out of our comfort zone and onto trails a little further afield, within 90 minutes of our front door. To that end, read on for eight nearby hiking trails that offer fun for kids and a variety of difficulty levels.

Important note: Follow good hiking safety practices, and always check conditions in advance — the Washington Trails Association is a great resource — especially if you are hiking outside the summer season.

Use the arrows above the image to page through these family hiking options.

Editor's note: This article was originally published several years ago. It mentions visitor centers, playgrounds, restaurants, restrooms and other facilities that may be temporarily closed. Please carefully follow guidelines for families playing outdoors when you venture out.

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