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10+ In-City Forest Walks for Seattle and Eastside Families

Skip the drive and play in nature with kids, right in town

Published on: November 12, 2018

10+ In-City Forest Walks for Seattle and Eastside Families

carkeek boardwalk
Carkeek Park boardwalk trails. Credit: Jennifer Johnson

Carkeek Park

This diverse park in North Seattle offers many options for families to explore. Hike along Piper’s Creek, with the chance to see spawning salmon in the fall. Trails also traverse the hillsides and ravine, traveling through wetlands, forests and even a historic orchard. Walk over the bridge to the beach for even more discovery.

Kids will love: Looking for salmon, swishing through leaves on the lawn, playing in the nature-inspired playground and going to the beach. Bonus: Watch for passing trains.

Find it: 950 N.W. Carkeek Park Rd., Seattle. Drive (carefully) down the narrow, winding road into the ravine and park in the the upper parking lot by the play equipment for access to the beach. Continue around the bend and down a bit more to park by the large lawn bordering Piper’s Creek. Flush toilets are next to the playground.

Distance: Make a one-mile loop by walking along Piper’s Creek, west into the wetland areas, and then coming back on the Brick Road and Hillside Trail. More adventurous families can trek on the other hillside trails on the north and south sections of the park. Download and print out a trails map.

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