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We know our recommendation to go puddle jumping this muddy March may raise eyebrows. But when’s the last time you and your young ’uns whipped your shoes off and experienced the “sensations of disgust and pleasure” from mud oozing between your fingers and toes? “Mud Play” encourages you to abandon the hand sanitizer and make some memories.  

Speaking of over-sanitizing, “Embracing failure” debunks the long-standing super sanitized self-esteem movement of yesteryear. Praising our kid’s intelligence rather than emphasizing effort diminishes grit, which is proven to be more strongly linked to success than IQ. We’re reminded that every rescue is a lesson lost.

And we’re all about learning. “Embracing failure” kicks off our year-long conversation “Raising Kind” (you may remember a brief mention of this last issue). “Raising Kind” will include stories in print and online plus discussions via our social media channels, email newsletters and events. Our goal: Encourage kindness, self-compassion and mindfulness in our children, our communities and ourselves.

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