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10 In-City Forest Walks for Seattle and Eastside Families

Skip the drive and walk in nature with kids, right in town

Published on: October 11, 2023

Best places to walk in Seattle include woodsy trails right in the city; get your nature fix without the long drive
Skip the long drive and walk in the wilderness, right in town.

Explore the great outdoors, close to home

Fall has arrived and winter is coming. This means our days are getting shorter and mountain hiking trails will soon be snowed in. But that doesn’t mean the hiking has to stop! During the off-season, we like to skip the long drive to the hills and find the best places to walk in Seattle — sometimes they’re just around the corner! We are lucky to have so many options for stretching our legs, exploring nature and getting our forest fix, right in the city.

From paths lined with old-growth trees to creek-side trails to workout-worthy hill climbs, you’re sure to find the perfect walk in the woods for your family. Let’s go!

First up: Creek and boardwalk trails

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