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10+ In-City Forest Walks for Seattle and Eastside Families

Skip the drive and play in nature with kids, right in town

Published on: November 15, 2019


Explore the great outdoors, close to home

Editor's note: Gov. Inslee's “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, in effect now, designates getting outside for fresh air and exercise as an essential activity, as long as people practice social distancing from others outside their immediate families. Please double-check that your desired park space is open.

Fall has arrived and winter is nigh. This means the days are getting shorter and shorter. Mountain hiking trails will soon be snowed in and inaccessible. But that doesn’t mean the hiking has to stop! We are lucky in the Seattle area to have many options for getting our forest fix — without a lengthy drive or day-long outing. From old-growth trees to streams and wetlands to workout-worthy hill climbs, you’re sure to find the perfect trail in the woods for your family to explore, right in your own back yard!

Use the arrows above the image to page through these terrific in-city forest walks for families.

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