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10 Best Things to Do With Kids at Seattle’s Discovery Park

Play, dig in the sand, watch for orcas and more at Seattle’s best park

Nancy Chaney

Published on: April 01, 2020

The beach area at Seattle's Discovery Park. Credit: Nancy Chaney

Discovery Park

New York has Central Park, Boston has Boston Common, San Francisco has the Presidio. Seattle has Discovery Park. Lucky us.

This expansive Seattle Park is my happy place and I'm so glad that — at least for now — its trails, meadows and beach are open to families to run and play and breathe the seaside air.

discovery park visitor center parking lot closed east parking lot sign
The Visitor Center parking lot is closed. Credit: Nancy Chaney

A couple of my favorite things about Discovery Park are, unfortunately, not accessible right now. The fantastic playground and Visitor Center are both closed. And in a head-scratching mixed message, Seattle Parks closed the parking lot here and at other large parks — exactly the places where there is enough space for families to get fresh air and exercise while easily following social distancing guidelines.

So, park on the street or take the bus. There are still great places to explore and things to see at this epic park — right now and in the future. If you go now, do take along some snacks, a water bottle, your hand sanitizer and some tissues, in case anyone needs to pee behind a tree. Restroom facilities are closed.

If I see you there I'll wave at you from a little ways away. Enjoy!

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