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10 Best Things to Do With Kids at Seattle’s Discovery Park

Play, dig in the sand, watch for orcas and more at Seattle’s best park

Nancy Chaney

Published on: April 01, 2020

The beach area at Seattle's Discovery Park. Credit: Nancy Chaney

Discovery Park

Editor's note October 2020: As promised, I'm letting you know that the parking lot — and most importantly, the playground — are back open at Discovery Park! The visitor center remains closed for now.


New York has Central Park, Boston has Boston Common, San Francisco has the Presidio. Seattle has Discovery Park

This expansive Seattle park is the crown jewel of our city’s impressive park system and it’s a marvelous place to explore with kids any time of year. The park’s 534 acres include a variety of trails, wide-open meadows, a sandy bluff overlooking Puget Sound and a beach. There’s a fantastic updated playground, a handful of geocaches and important local history to learn about. And on top of all that, there are those views!

The most important thing about this park right now may be its sheer size. With so much space, people can spread out and safely keep their distance. Read on for 10 awesome areas to explore with kids at one of my very favorite places on earth, Discovery Park.

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