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The Best Hikes for Kids Who Hate to Hike

Entice reluctant kids out on a hike with Seattle-area trails that feature a “prize”

Published on: July 17, 2023

Heybrook Lookout Tower. Photo credit
Heybrook Lookout Tower. Photo credit: Shutterbug Fotos/Flickr CC

Hikes are better with a prize!

Some kids are gung-ho to hike, but there are lots of kids who may need a little extra incentive to join parents on a trek. (And parents appreciate rewards, too!) Choose one of these hikes that end with a “prize” and that reluctant hiker just may be enticed to join you.

Remember: Before you head out on any of these hikes, check the Washington Trails Association website for current trail conditions, and for good driving directions.

First up: See the forest and the trees

Image credit: Shutterbug Fotos/Flickr CC

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