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The Best Hikes for Kids Who Hate to Hike

Entice kids out on a hike with Seattle-area trails that feature a "prize"

Published on: July 27, 2021

Heybrook Lookout Tower hike for kids who hate to hike
Heybrook Lookout Tower. Credit: Sean O'Neill/Flickr CC

Hikes are better with a prize!

Sometimes kids are gung-ho to hike, but there are times when they may need a little extra incentive to join parents on a trek. (And parents appreciate rewards, too!) Choose one of these hikes that end with a “prize” and that reluctant hiker just may be enticed to join you.

Remember: Before you head out on any of these hikes, check Washington Trails Association for current trail conditions, and for good driving directions.

Use the arrows above the image to browse through these kid-pleasing hikes.

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