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Best Independent Outings for Tweens and Teens Around Seattle

Destinations to let them flex their independence

Author Kari Hanson

Published on: March 30, 2023

Best Independent Outings for Tweens and Teens Around Seattle

Two tween girls roller skating
Get rolling with friends.

Get them moving

Sometimes even teens and tweens just need to get out there and move. While running around at the park may no longer be appealing, outdoor activity for tweens and teens is still beneficial to their physical and mental health. If your child is less than excited about exercise, see if any of these ideas help get them (and their friends) off the couch:

  • Ice skating or roller skating. There is no scoring, no winning and no pressure when it comes to skating rinks. And there is something about flying (or flailing) around a rink that brings out the kid in all of us, even the teen-est of teens. Check out this roller skating guide, and don’t forget to tell your kids that roller skating really is cool. If ice skating might be more their thing, check out our guide to local ice rinks (scroll down past the seasonal pop-up rinks for the permanent ones).
  • Driving ranges. This is another laid-back, noncompetitive, no-scores opportunity for kids to get outside and do something fun while being social. No equipment? No problem! Everything you need is provided at the range, so just show up, grab a club and a bucket of golf balls, and start having fun. Interbay Golf Center offers 80 covered stalls and 40 heated stalls, allowing you to yell “Fore!” comfortably all year. If your kid is more into mini golf, discover awesome mini-golf spots around Seattle, the Eastside and South Sound here

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