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Best Independent Outings for Tweens and Teens Around Seattle

Destinations to let them flex their independence

Author Kari Hanson

Published on: March 30, 2023

Best Independent Outings for Tweens and Teens Around Seattle

Hands raised at a concert
With a little planning, tweens and teens can go to live events.

Live events

Living in (or near) a city like Seattle provides so many opportunities for live events that it is impossible to list them all. From live theater and musical shows to fairs and festivals, there is so much for tweens and teens to experience! And if your teen hasn’t yet signed up for TeenTix, they should do it today. Here are just a few of the venues that welcome the teen crowd:

  • The Vera Project, Seattle. The Vera Project is an all-ages nonprofit space that has been dedicated to youth arts and music for more than 20 years. Vera hosts live-music shows, and offers classes and workshops in screen printing, live and recorded sound, concert lighting, zine making, DJ-ing and more. Sound amazing? Well, it is!
  • The Paramount, Moore and Neptune theaters, Seattle. Remember the excitement of attending your first real concert? While these venues don’t necessarily focus on teens, many of their events welcome all ages, and TeenTix makes them super affordable. Any teenager can join this incredible program to get $5 tickets for day-of shows at more than 70 partner organizations. The TeenTix calendar is so packed full of events that it makes any teen’s default complaint that “there’s nothing to do” null and void.

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