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Best Independent Outings for Tweens and Teens Around Seattle

Destinations to let them flex their independence muscle

Author Kari Hanson

Published on: March 02, 2023

Three tweens in hoodie sweatshirts look at their phones while leaning on a park bench best tween and teen outings around Seattle
Outing ideas to help kids build their independence — and possibly set down their phones for a minute.

Independent adventure time

What do teens and tweens always want to do? Hang out in groups with friends — without any pesky parents around. This desire for freedom sometimes feels like it bumps up against our desire for safety, but finding that middle ground is key. Here are some ideas for things teens and tweens can do around Seattle — to have fun and flex that independence muscle. And maybe take a little break from screens as well.

Remember, you know your kid best, and every child matures and is ready to handle increasing responsibilities at different ages. If these ideas feel like too much too soon, there might be a way to find a compromise. Does dropping them off (or encouraging use of public transport, now free for all riders ages 18 and younger in Washington) feel like too much? Maybe instead you can drive them somewhere and wait in the car with a good book (my mom’s go-to move when I was a kid). Some time alone to just sit and read? Sign me up!

Try running these ideas past your kid today and see if it gets them to take out at least one earbud. 

First up: Gaming, IRL

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