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Instagram-Worthy Spots Around Seattle to Visit With Kids

Shoot fun photos for your followers at unusual Seattle-area landmarks

Nancy Chaney

Published on: April 12, 2022

Young teenage boy in hat glasses sweatshirt seated on french fries of Auburn's Crow With Fries sculpture at Les Gove Park best instagram worth sites around Seattle
‘Crow With Fries’ in Auburn's Les Gove Park. Credit: Nancy Chaney

Seattle’s coolest photo ops

A trip to a new playground will thrill the preschool set, but as kids get older, they become decidedly harder to please. It takes something special to lure your tweens and teens away from their screens. Entice them out of the house with a visit to some of Seattle’s unique and highly Instagrammable landmarks.

For those finicky tweens or teens, for visitors or newcomers to Seattle, or for anyone who likes to take memorable photos for their followers, we’ve selected five unusual and Instagram-worthy spots to visit around town.

Use the arrows above the image to preview these cool landmarks.

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