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10 In-City Forest Walks for Seattle and Eastside Families

Skip the drive and walk in nature with kids, right in town

Published on: October 11, 2023

10 In-City Forest Walks for Seattle and Eastside Families

Best places to walk in Seattle and on the Eastside include the trails of Saint Edward State Park in Kenmoreees from hiking trail at Saint Edward State Park in Kenmore Washington near Seattle
A glimpse of Lake Washington from the trails at Saint Edward State Park. Credit: Sinziana Gafitanu/Flickr CC

Saint Edward State Park

Beautiful Saint Edward State Park is a popular natural area and protected gem on the Eastside. Mature forest entices children to explore wild paths. Choose between a mostly level shady walk or a steeper trek down to the shores of Lake Washington.

Kids will love: The beach, the Grotto and the giant castle playground. (And parents will love the swanky lodge, right in the park!)

Find It: 14445 Juanita Dr. N.E., Kenmore. You’ll need a Discover Pass to park here because it’s a state park (purchase a day pass onsite if needed).

Distance: There are 7.5 miles of trails in the park. Toddlers will enjoy the half-mile Orchard Loop, offering just enough roots and curves to make things interesting. If you take the Seminary Trail down to the beach, it adds another half-mile each way, and you can choose which trail to hike back up based on energy levels.

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Image credit: Sinziana Gafitanu/Flickr CC

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