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10 Easy DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper Ideas

Shar Petit

Published on: December 16, 2013

PopCosmo chalkboard wrapping paper

Chalk it up
We’ve always been enamored by chalkboard paint projects. This clever wrapping paper idea by PopCosmo goes to the top of our list this holiday season. The best part is that it only looks like a time-consuming paint project! While we’ve seen other tutorials that use paint, this version uses dark wrapping paper and charcoal white sticks to get the same effect. How is that for a less messy timesaver?!

Gina Tepper toilet paper roll package

Hang on to your rolls!
We love toilet paper roll projects! Have a small gift to wrap? This idea for merry pillow boxes featured over at Gina Tepper is a perfect solution for wrapping up those smallest treasures. Simply cover the rolls in pieces of scrap paper and ribbon, stash your gift, and fold in the ends for an easy last-minute (and eco-friendly!) gift box. Check out crafty mom Gina’s blog for more budget-friendly ideas that use recycled finds.

Polka-dot wrapping paper

Do you have an eager toddler or two begging to get in on the gift wrapping action? Bingo dauber + brown paper bags + toddler hands = charming one-of-a-kind polka dot wrapping paper! If you don’t have bingo daubers, dot stickers work well, too. Head over to Feeding the Soil to see the details of this project and to discover other simple and sensational DIY ideas.

No Time for Flashcards foam stamps

With this adorable idea for DIY stamps featured on No Time For Flashcards, you’ll never buy another roll of wrapping paper again! Let the kids draw shapes on colorful foam sheets, cut them out, and affix them to old jar lids using double-stick tape. Then, let the family stamp away! The kiddos will have fun dreaming up ideas for any and every holiday.

Gift bags by Mrs. Ricca's kindergarten

Bags a-plenty
Store-bought gift bags sure are shiny, but so are their price tags! Check out this idea for homemade gift bags on Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten blog. Your little helpers will be able to personalize their gift bags by decorating their own paper trees — functional art!

Cookie cutter stamped wrapping paper

Cookie cutters, take two!
Make those holiday cookie cutters work overtime by using them as stamps to make dazzling DIY wrapping paper. Creative momma Anna at The Imagination Tree shares the easy steps on her blog. Anna says cookie cutters are perfect for tots because they are easy to grasp and have a small surface area (for less of a smeary mess). Use a thick acrylic paint in glittery hues for a festive look, and make matching gift tags, too!

Rudolph and friends wrapping paper

Rudolph and friends
Now here’s a darling idea for finger-printed wrapping paper featured on Red Ted Art. The first step is getting the kids to help “print” Rudolph’s head onto white paper. Then, they can give him two eyes, a bright red nose, and some antlers on top! So simple and cute!

Simply Sublime potato stamper

Potato wheels
Here’s a fun idea for DIY wrapping paper featured over at Simply Sublime that you can whip up using objects you probably have around the house: potatoes, cookie cutters, wooden dowel (or pencil), craft paper, stamp pads, and a small carving knife (for adults to use only!). Once you’ve carved up the designs on the potatoes, thread the pieces onto a dowel, ink ‘em up, and let the kiddos roll away!

Mudpies and Sunshine letter stamping

Gimme a K – K!
This idea for initial-themed wrapping paper featured over at Mudpies and Sunshine is fun to make and can be personalized to each giftee. Paper, sponges, and paint — that’s all you’ll need! This was only one of crafty mom Nicole’s ideas for DIY wrapping paper. Glittery holiday paper? Lego stamping? Too much fun!

Aunt Peaches artsy bags

Artsy bags
Check out this fun idea for abstract painted gift bags featured over at Aunt Peaches. Plain white bags are turned into holiday masterpieces with a little leftover paint, glitter, and stickers. We love the idea of keeping stacks of plain white bags on hand for when a creative mood strikes! The blog is filled with tons of unique ideas like this one — table toppers, organization ideas, printables? So much beauty in one place!

Curling paper ornament

Want more DIY holiday gift ideas? We’ve got ’em:

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