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The Bear Creek School

Founded in 1988, in Redmond, Washington, The Bear Creek School is an independent classical Christian school that believes only when faith, mind, and heart are fed together can students experience the fullness of education.


Sammamish Montessori School

The Sammamish Montessori School was founded in 1977 by Joan Starling, an early pioneer of Montessori teaching in this area.


Eastside Catholic School

Eastside Catholic School is a private Catholic secondary school located on 55 acres in Sammamish, Washington.


Epiphany School

Independent, innovative, secular school serving students in Pre-K through 5th Grade

Washington College Savings Plans (WA529)

Save for school with GET or DreamAhead!

BASIS Independent Bellevue

BASIS Independent Bellevue is a top private school that offers a globally benchmarked curriculum.

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