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6 Must-Reads from Around the Web, April 24

Published on: December 30, 2013

0511_bookworms_reg1-150x1501Editor’s note: This is a weekly digest of stories we’re following — trends, news you can use and provocative parenting reads. Do you have a good read for us? Write

1. Planning out your kids' summer? Before you fill up all the days, take a breather and read about what this 9-year-old in East L.A. built when his dad gave the some boxes and the gift of time.

2. If you haven't yet caught these viral videos dad Franz Hoffmeester made of his son and daughter's growth from zero to age 9 and 12, respectively -- do it.

3. Is fresh food healthiest? Not always -- especially if you look at cost.

4. Motherlode starts a week-long conversation about a provocative book that argues that "natural parenting," has undermined women.

5. The Save Seattle Schools blog has a post on the world's dumbest test question, and also a good explanation/update of the superintendent search process.

6. New stats on measles: 2011 marked a 15-year high, despite the fact that more than 90 percent of Americans are vaccinated.

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