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A Year of Date Nights! 12 Ideas for Multiplying the Magic Hours

Romantic coupleA Year of Love

My husband and I went on three bona fide dates in 2012. So when I started reading about Dr. John Gottman’s “magic five hours a week” principle, I was a bit dismayed. When studying successful marriages, the relationship researcher found that happy couples typically invest an extra five hours a week in their marriages. Short, daily gestures such as a warm good-bye add up to three of those hours. But successful couples also set aside at least two hours for that weekly ritual known as — you guessed it — date night.

Now, I know my hub and I may actually be three dates ahead of some couples’ annual tally, but we can do better. So I’m setting my sights on a minimum of one monthly date in 2013. And I’m also challenging us to get beyond our standby of dinner and a movie.

With the help of a quick poll of parents, we put together a year’s worth of ideas to help us — and you — accomplish our mission!

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