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Warm and Sunny Destinations Just One Short Flight From Seattle

Flee the rain and bask in the desert sun at three family-friendly locales

Published on: October 31, 2023

Family hiking in the Valley of Fire near Las Vegas Nevada best sunny destinations one nonstop flight away from Seattle
The author’s family explores Valley of Fire near Las Vegas. Credit: Catherine Ryan Gregory

Seeking sunshine

We had such a stretch of warm sunny days this fall, and now all of a sudden it’s cold and rainy. Our jackets and boots are already all wet, and it may be a long time before we see a clear blue sky. Facing an extended slog through the long drizzly season, you might wonder ... where can we escape to the sun, on a short, non-stop flight?

When you need to refill your stores of vitamin D, some family-friendly sunny desert climes are just a short flight away from Seattle. Gather your crew, grab your sunglasses and visit one of these warm winter vacation spots. They’re perfect for Pacific Northwest families. Send us a postcard!

First stop: desert city

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