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Downhill slide: Disgusting vandalism at local park

Published on: December 30, 2013

Imagine: it's a warm early-summer day. You load up the tots and frisbees, grab a latte, and head out for a few blissful hours at your fave local playground.

When you get there, a shocking sight meets your eyes:

Melted slide at Richmond Beach
Melted slide at Richmond Beach

Now imagine explaining this sickening waste of taxpayer dollars to your children.

ParentMap reader Jessica sent us this photo, fed up with taking her two kids to this popular playground in Seattle's Richmond Beach neighborhood only to find the equipment wrecked beyond repair -- not once, but three times.

Three times. Here's what Jessica told us:

"A little while ago, the tube tunnel high up on the playset was damaged and taken out. And in between these events the rings were stolen. The man who came from the city parks to take care of it mentioned that this happens 'all the time.' They apparently usually go after the handicap swing. All of this is extremely expensive. Not to mention, none of the small children can safely play at this very popular playground."

Vandalizing the swing for handicapped children? I shudder to think of the talent behind that idea.

Trying to summon a little righteous indignation, but this one just leaves me tired. What can be done about ignorant sociopaths who vandalize handicapped swings? Jessica suggested cameras be installed to catch the vandals in action. Other ideas?

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