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10 Nature Treasures to Find at the Park or Around the Block

Use this scavenger hunt list to guide your family nature stroll

Published on: October 13, 2021

Young child in yellow coat lining up pine cones in a row nature scavenger hunt list fun

Go on a treasure hunt!

In any season, time outside can raise kids’ spirits (grown-ups’ spirits, too). Even as our days turn more toward gray, a breath of fresh air does wonders.

If you need an activity to get your crew moving around the block, to the park or into the woods, try your very own treasure hunt. Mother Nature provides the props, and they change every season. After you're back inside, the treasures you've collected are perfect for craft projects, for display and for studying the natural world. It's the perfect combination of art, science and education.

Use the arrows above the image for easy-to-find treasures to start with. Once you've found them all, maybe your kids will be inspired to create their own more challenging nature treasure hunts? Happy searching!

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