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Exciting New Trader Joe’s Items to Try This Fall

Gum Drop grapes, apple cider doughnuts, charcuterie pinwheels and more

Published on: September 08, 2022


September is peak harvesttime, and Trader Joe’s is a great place to stock up on seasonal delights. There are many new and exciting products coming to Trader Joe's this fall, including new grape varieties, a hot and spicy condiment, apple cider doughnuts and more. 

Seasonal doughnuts

Get yourself some delicious apple cider doughnuts from Trader Joe's to savor a classic taste of the season. These crumbly cake donuts are made with apple cider batter and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar. They taste as good as they sound.  

Apple cider doughnuts. Photo by Kate Hagan Gallup

Spicy cheese

Trader Joe’s limited-time flavored cheeses are always a favorite. Spicy buffalo cheddar is the current new cheese on the block. This fancy new fromage is made with jalapeño, habanero and dried red pepper flakes. It definitely packs a punch!  Slice your cheddar wedge and then eat with crackers or melt it atop those game-day potato skins.

A new type of grape

Grapery is the brand behind the healthy yet sinfully sweet Cotton Candy grapes we know and love. Grapery grapes also produce Gum Drop and Moon Drop grapes, and both varieties are now available at Trader Joe's. Gum Drop grapes are round, red grapes that burst with a flavor reminiscent of your favorite fruit-flavored snacks. Moon Drop grapes are long and skinny grapes with a deep purple color. If you are a fan of Cotton Candy grapes, you'll probably love both of these sweet new varieties. 

Gum Drop grapes. Photo by Kate Hagan Gallup.

Deliciously different croutons

Trader Joe's buttery rosemary croissant croutons bring the flavor! These flaky, buttery chunks of crunch are sold in 4.5-ounce bags. They are ideal for stuffing, adding extra crunch (and flavor) to a salad or topping a bowl of creamy soup. 

Charcuterie board in one easy bite!

Here’s a holiday favorite showing up a little early this year (and another great game-day addition). These charcuterie pinwheels can be found in the deli section. They are basically snack-sized rolls of pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and Sopressata.

Charcuterie pinwheels. Photo by Kate Hagan Gallup.

A healthy new juice 

To the Power of Vitamin C is the newest addition to Trader Joe’s organic juice selection. This juice (not derived from concentrate) is made with organic orange juice, organic pineapple juice, organic mango purée and a dash of added lemon. In addition, the juice makers have added acerola cherry powder, which adds a little extra vitamin C!

Sweet and spooky cookies 

Halloween Joe Joe’s are Trader Joe's popular sandwich cookies dressed up for Halloween. They contain the same vanilla bean cream filling but with a light orange tint and a smiley pumpkin face. 

A spicy new condiment

This is one of those fantastic “add it to anything” Trader Joe’s flavorful staples. Crunchy jalapeño lime and onion is a blend of garlic, citrus, jalapeño and onion preserved and jarred to maintain the vegetable crunch. Use it as a topping for grilled foods, or mix it with a dairy or vegan sour cream to create a delightful dip.

Crunchy jalapeño lime and onion. Photo by Kate Hagan Gallup.

Seasonal décor

Harvest season décor is in full swing at Trader Joe’s right now. Don’t miss the generous bouquets of fall favorites, including purple and maroon mums. Armfuls of sunflowers complement the season’s changing colors and are well accented by the selection of holiday cards available near the checkout.

Seasonal flowers. Photo by Kate Hagan Gallup.

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