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Getting Ready to Channel My Inner Leisl at The 5th!

Published on: December 30, 2013


For whatever reason I loathed the Sound of Music as a kid.  I don't know why.  After all I lived for the Brady specials that included song.  Especially the one when the Brady kids enter a TV show talent contest in hopes of saving the day by winning the purse that will help Mike Brady save the family home.

Ok I digress.

It wasn't until I was an adult, actually a Mother that I sat through the entire film, The Sound of Music.  My then 4 year old daughter Sophie was glued to the screen and I found myself equally enthralled.  Wondering, "how did this escape me as a kid?"

About a year later I took Sophie to see the musical production of the Sound of Music performed at The 5th and had a magical time.  Magical except for the fact that we had to refrain from breaking out into song.  Although I realized, geeze even my 5 year old realized that Liesl, Brigita, and Kurt needed no help from the audience I still wanted to join in.

Cut to a year or so later when the very same theatre, The 5th Avenue began what I hope will continue as a New Year's weekend tradition.   The Sound of Music sing-along!   

Upon entering the 5th you're handed a hysterical goodie bag loaded with "props" that come in handy during the course of the screening.  Not only had I never before been amongst more die hard Sound of Music (from now on to be referred to as SOF) fans but I had never seen so many lederhosen in one room.  Along with the many men sporting festive lederhosen there were dozens of audience members dressed as nuns (easy), throngs of girls (young and not so young)  donning white dresses with blue satin sashes, many-a-Marias, and then there were the crafty unique costumes that showed up.  (my favorite)

You see, the SOM sing-along is not just a screening that invites the audience to "sing-a-long" but it encourages the audience to fully engage and participate.  Oh and there are rewards since those that want to enter are asked to enter the audience jugged costume contest.

 The Sound of Music sing-along IS the place to be over the weekend of Jan 2nd.  I know that's where Sophie now age 10 and I will be.

Want to join us?

Tickets are $26/adults and $18/kids 12 and under, visit:

Now the only question remains.....what will you and your friends come dressed as?

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