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Local Artist Rave - Jonathan B. Solomon

Published on: December 30, 2013

The boysThis mosaic portrait is the coolest thing I have ever owned, (well, maybe not as cool as my paraglider, but I digress) and I am about to bring it home. I am SO EXCITED. The finishing touches are being done now.

Local artist and photographer, Jonathan B. Solomon first gave us a photo session, and we chose our favorite picture. Then he created a bead plan for the 20,000 beads (they are children’s ironing beads or craft beads) and got to work. He sent us photos of his progress so we could see our masterpiece come to life. It really is an amazing process.

Square sampleWhat started as a hobby is quickly growing in popularity. He currently has a six month back log. Cost you ask? The mosaic portrait can cost up to several thousand dollars depending on size. But the unique heirloom is worth every bead.

Contact info:

Jonathan B. Solomon

Cell: (206) 713-2912


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