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Low Tide Beach Scavenger Hunt for Seattle-Area Families

9 fascinating sea creatures to search for on any Puget Sound beach

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Published on: February 06, 2023

Dad and two little kids looking at rocky beach and tide pool finds
So many treasures to find at low tide

Tide-pooling treasures to search for around Puget Sound

From Alki to Carkeek, Dash Point to Camano, we’re lucky to have a plethora of family-friendly beaches for some science-y fun outdoor time. It might seem counterintuitive to head off to a chilly, blustery beach this time of year, but there’s something energizing about the crashing waves, sea-salty scents and all that nature literally at your fingertips. It certainly beats yet more screen time.

The beach can be fun on stormy and clear days alike, but we recommend you time your visit according to the tide, not the prevailing weather conditions. Exploring tide pools is best when the water is low, so aim to be there during a negative tide to search for any of the following creatures. Refer to NOAA’s Tide Predictions chart to track highs and lows in your area.

Up first: sea star

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