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New Dazzle Light Show Sparkles for Seattle-Area Families

What families need to know about a new walk-through show in Maple Valley

Devon Hammer

Published on: December 17, 2020

Kids standing under lighted archway at Dazzle Maple Valley light show winter 2020
Credit: Devon Hammer

Thankfully, quite a few COVID-safe light shows emerged this year, offering families holiday outing opportunities during an otherwise outing-less season. With many of the big light shows sold out or close to it, we were thrilled to hear of Dazzle; a new, reasonably priced, outdoor walking light show in Maple Valley. With two energetic little kids, we love on-foot outings, where we can enjoy the fresh air and get the wiggles out.

Dazzle is located on the New Community Church grounds in north Maple Valley. This church has an expansive property that apparently was once a golf course. The grounds are dotted with little mounds and hills which certainly look like they could have been a golf course in the past. The gravel path weaves through the interesting terrain which is the perfect backdrop for the festive displays.

The light displays at Dazzle delighted our young kids. They especially loved the Loch Ness Monster (and hearing about the tale), the very large tree adorned with lights to the tippy top (“the giant Christmas tree” as my 3-year-old called it) and running in and out of the light tunnel. 

Display at Dazzle light show credit: Devon Hammer
Photo credit: Devon Hammer

Another highlight was getting to see Santa. Dazzle's Saint. Nick stands on the porch of a house on the property. It is beautifully decorated and aglow with Christmas lights and a Christmas tree. The kids were allowed to sit on the steps of the porch while Santa peeked out from behind the tree for a self-service photo op. 

Dazzle light show picture with Santa Credit: Devon Hammer
Photo credit: Devon Hammer

What parents should know

Walking the gravel path through the entire display took us about 30 minutes. We went the day after opening night and there was plenty of space for social distancing. There is a bit of a hill at the end so be prepared to carry tired little ones. Strollers would work well, too.

Heated bathrooms are available at the end of the path.

Photo credit: Devon Hammer
Photo credit: Devon Hammer

On the way to the event, we stopped for hot chocolate, unaware that they sell hot beverages and snacks at the entrance.

When we arrived and were showing our tickets, there were letters to Santa pages for kids to fill out. However, there wasn’t really a place for the kids to write or draw on them (probably for social distancing reasons) and the mailbox to place the letters in is at the end of the walk. For those reasons, we didn’t do this activity.

If this would be an important or exciting part for your kids, I suggest using the printable download and bringing your completed letter with you.

boy standing under star shaped light display at Dazzle Maple Valley near seattle
Photo credit: Devon Hammer

Dazzle was created by a group of live event companies, currently out of work due to the pandemic, hoping to bring holiday cheer to families. I am big on getting my kids as much outdoor time as possible (which becomes incredibly difficult in the winter), so I loved this outdoor, walking light display option.

Fortunately for us, our kids are ages 5 and 3, so both entered free and just my husband and I had to buy tickets. We found the event well worth the $25 or so (after taxes and fees). I recommend this show to families with young kids or anyone who loves to be outdoors. It's sure to add some holiday cheer to your winter, and bonus, you can count it as your visit with Santa, too.

If you go...

Where: The show is located on the grounds of the New Community Church in north Maple Valley. General parking is free; $10 for VIP parking with easier in/out access. 

When: The event runs daily, 5–9 p.m., through Jan. 3, 2021.

Cost: Tickets are $10 per person; ages 5 and younger are free but still require an online ticket. Purchasing tickets in advance is strongly encouraged, however, you can purchase them at the gate using a QR code to the Eventbrite page. Cash is accepted as well.

Other details to note: There are heated bathrooms available for use. Hot cocoa, hot cider and snacks are available for purchase at the beginning of the walk. Non-perishable food donations are accepted at the entrance if you would like to donate to the Maple Valley Food Bank.

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