ParentMap, December 2010 issue

Published on: December 01, 2010

December 2010 ParentMap Issue

'When will Daddy be home?'

For hundreds of children living in our area, that's a constant question. This month, we offer a glimpse into the lives of local military families: How do they cope with separation and uncertainty? The courage and commitment of these families will inspire you.

Also this month, an Ages + Stages guide to family giving: What's the best way to teach preschoolers about giving? How can teens grow through public service? And how can you give back with baby in tow? We've got ideas!

Plus, a holiday happenings guide that will keep your family busy all season. Happy holidays! 

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Feature: 'War Changes People'

Getting School Ready: Brain rules for babies


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About this issue

Give, and live longer

Providing a home that is “. . . happy, safe and perhaps most of all, normal” is what we wish for all kids, not just our own. In “War changes people” ParentMap associate editor Linda Morgan poignantly identifies the myriad challenges and sacrifices that soldiers and their families suffer on our behalf. Too many military parents miss memorable moments such as witnessing baby’s first steps and music recitals. And sadly, 20–30 percent of vets suffer from PTSD, which has a tremendously painful impact on families. My own family, through work that we have done for 5 years with severely wounded combat soldiers, sees up close and personally the extent to which the traumas of war changes individuals lives, their families and communities. And while many communities are overexposed to the horrors of war, some are under-exposed. Politics aside, we feel it’s our duty to learn more, empathize and support families in the ways we can. Join us and visit and give support in any way you are able.

After all, giving is good for you. “Making a contribution to the lives of other people may help extend our own lives,” says psychologist Stephanie Brown of the Institute for Social Research. If you joined us recently at Town Hall with Dr. Dacher Keltner (from the UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center), you learned about the health and longevity gained by giving. A triple win for teaching your tot or toddler generosity: The recipient of your giving, you and your little one can have fun together going beyond your own needs! “Nonprofits that empower teens” features two exceptional teen transforming orgs: TIPS (Teens in Public Service) and Ashoka’s Youth Venture. Their vital message: giving youth the experience of creating positive change in their local communities.

We at ParentMap love our local community! The holiday gift guide overflows with recommendations from some of the best independent toys stores. Will it be the Keva Planks or Spinaroos Bristle Blocks that lights up your little ones this holiday?

Giving is what is really about, right? You feel great whether giving time or financial resources to those in need.

Happy Holidays from the ParentMap family to yours!

—Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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