ParentMap, November 2015 Issue

Published on: October 29, 2015

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 When it comes to tech, it's new territory for this generation of parents. How can you live in a digital world while modeling healthy habits? 

Learn how libraries have evolved to help give parents tools for navigating the digital world with their kids, get tips on setting healthy boundaries and learn what new apps tweens and teens are using and what you should know. 

Read our feature story, Apps of Kindness and learn how new technologies may help teach empathy, tolerance, courage and responsibility.

And don't forget, while technology can do a lot for us, nothing can replace face time!

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Ages + Stages:

0–12: Need a Media Mentor? Head to the Library!

9–13: 10 Dos and Don’ts for Parents of First-Time Cell Phone Users

12–18: Oh Snap! What's That New App?


Dear Reader: Practicing What We Preach

Brain Fuel: Parent News, Snack-Sized


Blended Learning: Opening Opportunities and Changing the Way Kids Learn


Is Your Child Addicted to Screen Time? Are You?


Apps of Kindness: Can Your Kids Download Their Way to a Better Character?

Out & About: 

A Year of Giving (and Receiving)

How to do Family Movie Night Right

Ask the Experts:

Ask the Experts: Help! My 2-Year-Old Isn't Potty Trained Yet

Ask the Experts: I Embarrass my Tween

Someone You Should Know: 

Someone You Should Know: Katie Headrick Taylor 


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