ParentMap, September 2008 Issue

Published on: September 28, 2008

ParentMap September 2008 issue

Ah, Autumn! Falling leaves, bulging backpacks, and a wild and thriving arts calendar. Journey with us as we bring you our liveliest fall arts guide ever! There's something for 'most every age and interest.

And, it's on the rise, profoundly affecting local families and schools, but what do we really know about autism? Our feature this month delves into the latest research and treatments, bringing new hope to families coping with autistic spectrum disorder.

As kids head back to school, our thoughts turn to all things educational, including kindergarten chess, rockin' tots, and opinionated teens (yes, really!).


The mystery of autism

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    About this issue

    Dear Reader,

    It is a sure sign of aging, that frequent feeling of nostalgia. A few pages into our September issue, my stomach got that back-to-school pit I feel each year (possibly worse than my kids!). My eyes got teary thinking of how that image sharply contradicts these precious last few days of summer spent on a Midwestern beach. I tried to digest the fact that the crinkled homework loaded into the second-grade backpack signals the end of toddler music classes for us (“Making beautiful music with your toddler”).

    This year, we won’t be seeing the amazing twins, Lisa and Linda, at the Bellevue Philharmonic, as we have done for years with Maya, now a very mature and sophisticated 7. I quickly flip to the detailed description of the series (“Fall arts preview”) hoping to see a suggested age range that fits one of us. We’re both too old. Maya and I are known to break into “I love to hear … the Symphony, the Symphony.” If you don’t know this tune, run to see L&L with your little ones soon! Then, I spot another fave: SCT’s "The Green Sheep." I will shamelessly recruit a little bitty relative to revisit this adorable and creative artistic triumph for tots.

    The day was saved when I stopped looking at pictures, and read “there really is something for everyone,” stated boldly and accurately by our award-winning Out & About editor, Kris Collingridge. Optimistic as I perused Kris’ dozens of artistic finds, I focused on what could be. Enthused by the outrageous number of newbies and classics that slightly older kids will adore, I landed with a consoling but irrational thought: My 22- and 17-year-olds will want to join us for West African music or "Bye Bye Birdie."

    ParentMap is proud to bring you Hilary Benson’s thoughtful and well-researched “The mystery of autism.” Regardless of how close you are to families who suffer the challenges of autism, you will be impressed by the current research, hope, and wisdom presented in this article. Your empathy and understanding as a parent — whether you face autism or not — will be elevated.

    — Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

    P.S. This fall, we’re excited to bring you our second-annual LearningMap Education Fair — in Seattle & Bellevue! I’ll see you there.

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