ParentMap, September 2013 Issue

Published on: August 30, 2013

ParentMap, September 2013


The sun might still be in the sky (for a little while, at least) but don't doubt it: Fall is almost here. It's back to school, baby, and while we'll miss the lazy days of summer, many of us are ready for a new year to get underway. Dive in with our feature on peer pressure, which nearly every child faces at some point (at younger and younger ages).

We also bring you sound advice on competition (how much is too much, at what age?); how to address academic cheating; and what common parenting advice you can just go ahead and ignore (!).

But it's not all school stuff. Fall is a glorious time to escape to places unknown with the family and soak in some pretty amazing arts offerings.

Good luck with the back-to-school hustle, and happy fall!

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Ages & Stages:
0–3 Ignore This! Parenting Advice You Shouldn't Take
4–8 Competition: How Much is Too Much for Kids?
9–12 How I Learned to Love Tweens: Four Unforgettable Parenting Lessons
13–18 Your Cheatin' Teen: How to Deal When Kids Cheat

Someone You Should Know: Lara Davis

Arts Feature: Fabulous Fall Arts: 21 Picks for Families 

Feature: Peer Pressure: Why It Seems Worse Than Ever and How to Help Kids Resist It

Out & About: Globetrotting the Northwest: 8 Fall Cross-Cultural Excursions

School Scoop
Giving Together
Parent Health
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