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Puget Sound playgrounds built or updated since 2001

This list reflects playgrounds built or updated since specific Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) playground guidelines were issued in 2001. Many playgrounds built between 1992 (when the ADA was enacted) and 2001 are also accessible to varying degrees. Most playgrounds built prior to 1992 are not considered accessible, although curb cuts, paths and other minor modifications may have been made to improve access.   For more information, check the Parks and Recreation Web site for the municipality in question.

Restrooms, where noted, may be closed seasonally. BELLEVUE


  • Bovee Park, 1500 108th Ave. N.E., Bellevue
    accessible restrooms
    quiet neighborhood playground with lots of upper-body strengthening equipment; wooded trail with gravel paths
  • Crossroads Park, 16000 N.E. 10th St., Bellevue
    accessible restrooms at the Community Center (coming soon)
    large variety of equipment sited amidst a shady grove of trees
  • Downtown Park, N.E. 4th and 100th Ave., Bellevue
    accessible restroom
    castle theme compound playstructure best suited to younger kids; one challenging climber; enough spring horses for a posse of knights; dragon toy; lots of grass, shade, and many fountains
  • Evergreen Park, 15655 Lake Hills Blvd., Bellevue
    no restrooms
    well equipped neighborhood playground; large sand pit with two sit-upon backhoes, small compound playstructure; spring toys, swings; half basketball court adjoins playground
  • Kelsey Creek Park, 13204 N.E. 8th Pl., Bellevue
    restrooms not accessible
    tot playground
  • Lewis Creek Park, 5808 Lakemont Blvd., Bellevue
    accessible restrooms
    accessible basketball court some distance from playground
    lovely site with play features well integrated; spring toys; large compound play structure; tot playstructure; swings; long paved curving nature trail
  • Meydenbauer Beach Park, 419 98th Ave. N.E., Bellevue
    accessible restrooms
    basic medium-sized compound playstructure overlooking swimming area; view of Lake Washington
  • Newcastle Beach Park, 4400 Lake Washington Blvd. S.E ., Bellevue
    accessible restrooms
    coal train theme with train playstructure; large compound playstructure with interesting equipment; swings; playground abuts swimming beach
  • Spiritridge Park, 16100 S.E. 33rd Pl., Bellevue
    accessible restrooms coming in 2006
    medium-sized compound playstructure; swings
  • Wilburton Hill Park, 12001 Main St., Bellevue
    accessible restrooms some distance from playground
    climbable spider web; mix of old and new equipment; zipline cable ride; hand-over-hand bars; swings


  • Frances Anderson Park, 700 Main, Edmonds
    no restrooms
    large compound playstructure; tot playstructure; climbing wall
  • Marina Beach Park, end of Admiral Way South, Edmonds
    no restrooms
    bright new compound playstructure (over wood chips) right on the edge of the beach
  • Seaview 184th Street Southwest and 80th Avenue West, Edmonds
    accessible restrooms
    peaceful setting surrounded by trees; well-thought-out equipment provides plenty of challenges; three steering wheel play features


  • Black Nugget Park, 1953 24th Ave. N.E., Issaquah
    no restrooms
    small neighborhood playground with two medium compound playstructures
  • Central Park, 1907 Park Drive N.E., Issaquah
    accessible restrooms
    very large compound playstructure with many interesting features; tire swing; climbing wall; spring seesaw
  • Tibbetts Valley Park, 12th Avenue Northwest and Newport Way, Issaquah
    accessible restrooms
    small playground for younger children


  • St. Edward's State Park, 14500 Juanita Drive N.E., Kenmore
    accessible restrooms but no paved path from restrooms to playground
    large partially fenced wooden playground with Northwest theme and lots of fun equipment


  • North Kirkland Community Center and Playground, 12421 103rd Ave. N.E., Kirkland
    accessible restroom
    train theme compound playstructure for younger kids; medium- sized compound playstructure; swings; spring toys; gently sloping hills for rolling


  • Meadowdale Neighborhood Park, 5700 168th St., S.W., Lynnwood
    accessible restrooms
    cool art installation made from cedar harvested at park site during construction; two compound playstructures; cable ride; digging area strewn with giant boulders
  • Spruce Park, 16864 36th Ave. W., Lynnwood
    accessible restrooms
    accessible basketball court abuts playground


  • Mercerdale Park, 77th Southeast & Southeast 32nd, Mercer Island
    no restrooms
    swings; train playstructure; large compound playstructure; nearby skate park
  • Roanoke Park, 70th Southeast & West Mercer Way, Mercer Island
    no restroom
    pirate ship theme compound playstructure in quiet neighborhood with great Lake Washington view; tire swing and hand-over-hand rings are not wheelchair accessible as their enclosures lack curb cuts
  • Deane's Children's Park/Dragon Park, 5500 Island Crest Way, Mercer Island
    castle play structure, swings, dragon, slides, climbing dome, Sound Garden instruments, picnic shelter, tennis courts nearby 


  • Anderson Park, 7802 168th Ave. N.E. at Redmond Way, Redmond
    accessible restrooms
    swings; tire swing; large compound playstructure; slug theme spring seesaw; sand pit with sit-upon backhoe; playground nestled among tall trees
  • Perrigo Park, 9011 196th Ave. N.E., Redmond
    accessible restrooms
    large compound playstructure; swings; sit-upon backhoe in small sand pit; spring chicken toy; large covered picnic area; 0.4 mile loop trail around sports field; park is very close to Redmond's historic 1913 Red Brick Road


  • Gene Coulon Beach Park, 1201 Lake Washington Blvd. N., Renton
    accessible restrooms
    bright and busy park on Lake Washington features tons of unique innovative equipment including many pieces for upper-body conditioning; so huge that keeping track of more than one kid may be difficult on sunny crowded days; all-ages appeal
  • Jones Park, Wells Avenue South at Cedar River, Renton
    restrooms not accessible
    sited near the bank of the Cedar River as it meanders through downtown; lion-mouthed playstructure; three spring toys including a bulldozer; giant sea serpent; giant frog at ground level; nearby arbor for quiet or creative play
  • Sunset Court Park, 1150 Harrington Ave. N.E., Renton
    no restrooms
    two compound playstructures; swings; basketball court adjoins playground; park is fenced
  • Windsor Hills Park, 432 Windsor Way N.E., Renton
    no restrooms
    neighborhood park with large compound playstructure


  • Bill Reams East Sammamish Park, Northeast 16th and 214th Avenue Northeast, Sammamish
    accessible restrooms
    two large compound playstructures; spring toys; covered picnic area
  • Northeast Sammamish Neighborhood Park, Sahalee Way and Northeast 36th Street, Sammamish
    no restrooms
    one small, one medium compound playstructure; basketball court
  • Pine Lake Park, 228th Avenue Southeast at Southeast 24th Street, Sammamish
    accessible restrooms
    two climbing walls; basketball court; swings; two large compound playstructures featuring diverse equipment; spring airplane; cool "Finger Park" wheelchair accessible path for driving toy vehicles (Hotwheels/Matchbox size)


  • Beer Sheva Playground, 8650 55th Ave. S., Seattle
    restroom not accessible
    peaceful wooded playground on Lake Washington; swings; two medium compound playstructures; spring toys
  • Benefit Park, 9320 38th Ave. S., Seattle
    no restrooms
    two small and one medium compound playstructure; sand play area; spring toys; paved loop trail path surrounds entire park; standing stone art piece "Common Ground" by Joe Wheeler
  • Cascade Playground, 333 Pontius Ave. N., Seattle
    no restrooms
    peaceful park tucked into the very urban South Lake Union neighborhood; partially fenced; enormous playstructure with greatly diverse components; sit-upon backhoe diggers; smaller tot compound playstructure; Cascade P-Patch abuts playground
  • Cowen Park, 5849 15th Ave. N.E., Seattle
    accessible restrooms
    zipline cable ride
  • Flo Ware Park, 28th Avenue South & South Jackson, Seattle
    no restroom
    tiled art entryway; two medium compound playstructures; swings; tables with embedded gameboards
  • Homer Harris Park, 2401 E. Howell St., Seattle
    no play equipment yet, but coming soon
    no restrooms
    swooping path; cool sculptures by Central Area artist Monad; view
    Park honors athlete and physician Dr. Homer Harris
  • Licton Springs Park, 9536 Ashworth Ave. N., Seattle
    accessible restrooms
    basic playground is enlivened by a curving path embedded with tiled games from many countries and animal footprint tiles.
    accessible path through adjoining natural portion of the park
  • Madrona Playfield, 3211 E. Spring St., Seattle
    restroom not accessible
    tot compound playstructure; sand area; swings; spring toys; large compound playstructure with fun cargo net sling area; partially fenced; tennis court and accessible basketball court adjoin playground
  • Meadowbrook Playground/Friends of Annie's Playground, 10533 35th Ave. N.E., Seattle
    accessible restrooms
    Pacific Northwest theme including beautiful salmon migration tile mural; covered picnic area; wide variety of equipment including an enormous compound playstructure with four slides.
  • Meridian Playground, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N., Seattle
    restrooms not accessible
    children's book theme; many touch-friendly bronze sculptures; peaceful setting in an old orchard behind the Good Shepherd Center
  • Oxbow Park (Georgetown Park), 6400 block of Corson, Seattle
    no restrooms
    historic Hat and Boots structures; medium-sized compound play structure
  • Pratt Park, 1800 S. Main, Seattle
    accessible restrooms
    groovy water spray features designed by Central Area artist Monad; swings; large compound playstructure
  • Pinehurst Playground, 12029 14th Ave. N.E., Seattle
    no restrooms
    smaller neighborhood playground with fun quirky equipment; small basketball court adjoining is also accessible.
  • Soundview Terrace, 2500 11th W., Seattle
    no restrooms
    tiny but gracefully poignant playground tucked into the steep hillside on the south slope of Queen Anne
  • View Ridge Playground and Wading Pool, 4408 N.E. 70th St., Seattle
    restrooms not accessible
    large, interesting compound playstructure; covered sandbox and picnic pavilion; good assortment of swings
  • West Magnolia Playfield, 2518 34th Ave. W., Seattle
    restrooms (not accessible) are in the Magnolia Community Center
    large playground with many less common pieces of equipment
  • Westcrest Park, 9000 8th Ave. S.W., Seattle
    accessible restroom
    large compound playstructure; spring seesaw and spring toys; swing


  • Shoreview Park, 700 N.W. Innis Arden Way, Shoreline
    accessible restrooms
    fun, three-level compound playstructure with four slides and pirate spy glasses; tot compound playstructure located near tennis courts
  • Paramount School Park, 15300 8th Ave. N.E., Shoreline
    accessible restrooms
    park of playground is fenced (no gates); covered picnic area; climbing wall; nearby skate park


  • Ober Park, 17130 Vashon Highway S.W., Vashon Island
    accessible restrooms in administration or library buildings during business hours


  • Rotary Playground, 19518 136th Ave. N.E., Woodinville
    accessible restrooms
    three great quirky playstructures; natural-style climbing rock; wall for spray painting graffiti; picnic tables with built-in game boards; covered picnic pavilion; skate/bmx park adjoins playground; entire complex fenced

KING COUNTY Parks Department playgrounds reported to be recently upgraded: (not assessed by Park Hopping)

  • Big Finn Park, Northeast 138th & Juanita Drive, Kirkland
  • Petrovitsky Park, 16400 Petrovitsky Rd. S.E., Renton
  • Enumclaw Park, 28511 Enumclaw-Chinook Pass, Enumclaw
  • Dockton Park on Maury Island, 9500 S.W. Dock St., Vashon
  • Maplewood Park, Southeast 138th Street & 144th Avenue Southeast, Renton

Older playgrounds worth noting:

  • Bellevue: The Cecil V. Lowe Specialty Park led the greater Seattle metropolitan area when it opened in 1988 as an admirable pre-ADA attempt at playground accessibility. Located on the grounds of Bellevue's Sherwood Forest Elementary School (16411 N.E. 24th St., Bellevue), the aging wooden playstructures have ramps. The park also features a barrier-free sand play area, roll-through activity board maze, ramp-accessed slide, and giant spring teeter-totter. The swingset is now missing seats, the wooden suspension bridge lists alarmingly to one side, and there are no bathroom facilities. The public may not use this park when school is in session. A renovation of this playground is pending.
  • Kirkland: Peter Kirk Park Playground (202 3rd St., Kirkland) opened in 1997 and was specifically planned to be accessible. An early take on ADA playground access, the structure boasts ramps but lacks some of the safety features: one ramped area ends in a wide unmarked plunge down several steps.
  • Edmonds: Sierra Park For the Blind, 190th & 81st Avenue West. A paved path leads through a forested area marked with Braille signs describing various species of trees. There are no restrooms and the small playground is not accessible.

Parks Department Web sites:

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