Seattle Public Schools receives $4.6 million in energy efficiency grants for 22 schools

Published on: October 15, 2010

Seattle Public Schools has received $4.6 million in energy-efficiency improvement grants from the Washington State Department of Commerce. The grants, part of the $50 million State Jobs Acts for Public K-12 and Higher Education awards, will help fund 10 energy-efficiency projects at 22 Seattle schools. SPS will contribute $13.74 million of the $18.4 million total project cost.

The Seattle School District grants were awarded during the second round of state Commerce Department energy-efficiency grant funding. During the first round, announced Aug. 12, SPS received seven Department of Commerce energy conservation construction grants totaling $3.86 million. In addition, SPS was awarded three energy conservation construction grants, totaling $5.58 million, from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

More than 50 SPS schools will receive energy-efficiency upgrades through the $14 million in energy grants awarded to date, along with existing funding provided by voters through the Buildings, Technology & Academics (BTA) capital levy projects.

The projects and schools include:

  • Energy management control system (EMCS) upgrades, replacing pneumatic controls

Grant Award: $1,502,008 for Mercer Middle, Olympic Hills Elementary, Rainier Beach High School, Aki Kurose Middle, Washington Middle, Whitman Middle.

  • Energy management control system (EMCS) upgrades, replacing pneumatic controls.

Grant Award: $1,355,719 for Beacon Hill International, Blaine K-8, Broadview-Thomson K-8, Eckstein Middle, Ingraham High, Jane Addams K-8.

  • Upgrade roof and add insulation.

Grant Award: $522,183 for Meany Middle.

  • Upgrade heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and hot water heater Wing Luke Elementary Upgrade roof and add insulation at Columbia Elementary

Grant Award: $310,171

  • Replace boiler, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, and EMCS controls

Grant Award: $276,000 for Lowell Elementary

  • Replace pump motors and add pump controls and upgrade boilers and controls.

Grant Award: $248,400 for Sand Point Elementary

  • Replace air conditioning units, pump motors, heat pumps, and upgrade motors and controls.  Grant Award: $185,500 for Leschi Elementary
  • Upgrade EMCS controls at Bagley Elementary

HVAC Upgrade at Olympic View Elementary

Grant Award: $105,500

  • Replace approximately 25 percent of the windows

Grant Award: $77,457 for Catharine Blaine K-

  • Replace lighting and install sensors in the gymnasium.

Grant Award: $21,870 for Rainier Beach High

Washington State’s 2010 supplemental capital budget included $50 million for the Washington State Department of Commerce and $50 million for OSPI for energy cost-savings grants through the Jobs Act for Public K-12 and Higher Education. The grants are being awarded through a competitive process and may be used solely for energy and cost-savings improvements.

The immediate goal of the Commerce Department program is to stimulate Washington’s economy by creating jobs. The long-term goal is to reduce the energy costs at the state’s public education facilities.

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