The Scratch Patch - Great Activity For Kids of All Ages

Published on: December 30, 2013

My son Peter (age 7) and I went last Friday to The Scratch Patch at 65th and Roosevelt in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle. We got there right at 12 noon when it opened and by the time we left it was PACKED tight with families and there was even a small line out the door.

It's the only store of its kind in the US - and only two others exist - one in South Africa and one in Australia. When you enter, you take your shoes off, and sit on the ground right in the stones that are scattered by the thousands all over the entire store. They feel soft and smooth on your feet and for both of us, the entire experience had a zen quality indeed.

Amanda, the owner, gave us a little fabric rose to collect our rocks and a chart to match our stones to - to find out what exactly they were and where they were from in the world. It was a joy of 45 minutes and the search for "our favorite stones" brought up likes and dislikes across many topics. At one point we took the stones we had collected and dumped them all out - and started fresh. The hunt was fantastic, the stones unusually colorful and the experience - sheer delight. Have a fun date day with your kids at The Scratch Patch!

6507 Roosevelt Way NE

Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 523-6164

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