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Tooth Fairy - A Reality Check

Published on: December 30, 2013

My son just lost one of his top front teeth. What a cute new look he has and a little lisp that is as sweet as can be. He told me, however, that he knew someone that got $20 from the tooth fairy when they lost a top tooth. Oh tooth fairies of the world WE NEED TO UNITE - reality check is needed here.

IDEA! Let's create a Dow Jones for teeth. Parents can look each day, like they view their favorite stocks, to see what the going rate for a tooth is that day. Can we start with $1 for most teeth and perhaps a crisp $2 bill for one of the top two? Please weigh in. Kids talk about this kind of stuff and if Timmy gets $20 and his classmate poor Peter Dyer gets a soggy organic apricot fruit roll up under his pillow - we're all screwed!

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