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Welcome to Glee! But will Kurt and Rachel be there?

I'm a Gleek, I'll admit it. And now I hear that Studio East in Kirkland is offering a Glee-based camp in true Glee style. They'll be doing pop songs, vocal harmonies, movement and staging in sessions for teens, beginning July 5.

A synopsis: "The school’s Glee Club is opening their show when the just before the
first number the cheerleading coach and her cheer girls interrupt and inform them they don’t have the stage booked and they have to cancel. The club needs to persuade the pushy and rude coach that they deserve to be there. Through song and dance the Glee Club puts every effort into convincing the coach to let them stay and present their show. Will the coach be convinced or will she kick everyone out, including the audience?!

Where do I sign up?

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