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Panto: Rapunzelstiltskin

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Experience the best British Panto this side of the Pond. Panto has a long tradition of some three hundred years. Performed during the holidays, this interactive theatre is fun for all, parents and kids alike. This year's Panto is once again full of large, colorful characters, original songs, plenty of audience participation, and fairy tale fun to entertain audiences both young and old! You'll be encouraged to boo at the villains, cheer for the heroes, and sing along with whole cast. The troupe manages to fire enough jokes and innuendos over the kids' heads to keep everyone entertained. With all original songs and music featuring The Fremont Philharmonic Orchestra, this musical comedy is a great holiday experience.

Meet Rumpelstiltskin and his evil wife, Hortensia; they love babies but not teenagers! Will Rapunzel escape from her tower? Can Arugula spin straw into gold? Will the Kingdom go broke? Will Dame Daisy and her donkey, Butterbibb, keep working at the mill? Come cheer the heroes and boo the villains!

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