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Haunted Pirate Ship and Haunted Mansion in Maple Valley

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All are invited to experience the Haunted Drive Through in Maple Valley! You will find a massive haunted pirate ship, haunted mansion and maybe some free treats, all from the comfort of your car!

Or, choose the walk-through option during daylight hours to appreciate all the details. Walk-through only, Oct. 26-28, 4-6 p.m.

This is a project put on by the community with support from the Middle Schools of Tahoma PTA, the Knudsen Family, and the McCracken Family.

Please consider donating to one or more of these causes:

1. Bring canned food to support the Food Bank of Maple Valley.

2. Donate money to help support the Middle Schools of Tahoma PTA.

3. Consider donating to St. Jude Children’s Hospital We are proud to partner with St. Jude and bring awareness and resources to this amazing organization.

Please enter at the front parking lot and follow volunteer directions to view the display! No parking is available except for confirmed volunteers.

Going during daylight is recommended for the much younger crowd.


Event Details