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Parable of Gravity Exhibit

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Seattle-based artist Casey Curran combines elements of mythology, science, and religion to foster a conversation around humanity’s goals and visions for the future on Earth. In Parable of Gravity, Curran incorporates several large sculptural elements, including a suspended aluminum asteroid inspired by Galileo’s mission to Jupiter, a rectilinear formation of scaffolded wooden towers, and an otherworldly kinetic garden that appears to be growing up and out of the work. This installation is a parable of a landscape in transition; a decomposing environment that nurses the new life it brings forth. It is a display of both decay and growth, referencing the unstoppable momentum of significant human advancements that shift our cultural paradigms.

Visits by appointment only until the current restrictions are lifted. Reach out to to arrange a time.

Open Studio: January 5 - February 10

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 11

Exhibition Period: February 12 - April 17

Event Details