ParentMap Special Edition

Summer 2020

Believe it or not, planning a terrific summer begins with just one simple step: Start early. That’s where ParentMap’s annual Summer issue comes in. 

Enjoying the perfect PNW summer begins with our 25-step guide to planning a fun- and learning-filled summer break, from affordable outings and camps to screen-free activities and one-of-a-kind ways to play tourist in your own town.

We’ve rounded up out-of-the-ordinary specialty camps that will make your unique kid’s summer, a batch of tasty culinary programs for your budding sous chef, a roster of cool creative camps that build up plenty of STEAM, and active camp options for fans of nontraditional sports.

When you balance quality camp time with plenty of aimless time out exploring our amazing neighborhoods (such as Pioneer Square) and at home — say, tinkering in your own DIY makerspace — you really will have the best summer ever.