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2013 Superheroes for Washington Families

superheroesWhat qualities coalesce to propel someone forward to super-selfless action?

Read the stories about this year’s superheroes and you’ll begin to comprehend what it takes to become a dedicated change-maker in our region.

Each of these honorees have enriched and enhanced the lives of children and families throughout Washington state. You’ll learn about a psychiatrist who has transformed mental health care for countless kids; an orchestra leader who inspires his students through beautiful music; a physician who helps disadvantaged parents learn ways to collaborate with their children’s schools.

And so many more.

We proudly celebrate these advocates and activists and applaud their tireless efforts to effect positive change in our communities.

Superheroes, we salute you!

Meet this year's Superheroes for Washington Families:
1. Susan Enfield
2. Elinor Graham, M.D., M.P.H.
3. Bill Henningsgaard
4. Mimi Siegel
5. Deborah Wilds, Ph.D.
6. William ‘Bill’ Womack, M.D.
7. Richard Gold
8. Janice Deguchi
9. Marcus ‘Tsut’ Tsutakawai
10. Laurie Valeriano

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