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2015 Superheroes for Washington Families

From top left: Rosanna Sharpe, Dennis G. Smith, Maria Chavez Wilcox, Cheryl Stumbo, Jane Weiss, Courtney Weaver, Matt Lawrence, Chuck Morrison, Teri Hein, Will Poole, Janet Levinger, Casey Trupin, Josh Garcia, and Lori Markowitz | Photo credit: Will Austin (

Who gets to be called a hero? Every year at ParentMap, we sit around the table with a stack of recommendations from readers, child advocates, community leaders and previous Superheroes and talk about just that. We always have many more heroes than we can honor in a given year. As we interview our picks and take their photos (a daylong photo shoot where the do-gooder energy radiates), we hear about how they were inspired to make a difference. Inevitably, trends emerge.

Many of our 2015 Superheroes talk about being supported to succeed by their parents, a reminder of how important it is for kids to have adult mentors who champion them. And this year’s heroes are master champions, leaning in so that a new generation of youths can be empowered to follow and achieve their dreams, by learning to lead, getting their ideas and inventions funded for development, writing their stories and more. 

Read on to be inspired by these heroes for Washington kids and families. Thank you, Superheroes! 

Meet our 2015 Superheroes: 

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