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7 Awesome Fort Kits to Keep Your Kids Entertained for Hours

Fun kits that will take your fort-building game to a whole new level

Vicky McDonald

Published on: December 13, 2022

Credit: The Nugget

Let’s get building

If you’ve got young kids, forts are just an inevitable part of your life. As soon as kids start walking, they start building. The first forts are usually simple dwellings constructed from sofa cushions and blankets. But as they grow, the forts grow, and soon your entire living room will be taken over by complicated structures made with boxes, pillows, tables, chairs, sofas, blankets, you name it. It’s just evolution and I’m certain kids have been building forts since the beginning of time. 

The interesting thing about forts is that most parents are actually okay with the mess and chaos. Why? The fact is the humble fort can keep your kids entertained for hours and requires little or no parental interaction. It's also the best rainy day entertainment ever, which is particularly important if you live in the oft-dreary Northwest.

We all know old-fashioned homemade forts are the best. But there are also multiple awesome products you can buy to take your fort-building game to a whole new level. If you’re looking for a fun gift this holiday season for your fort fanatics, scroll through the arrows above for some inspiration.


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