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8 Creative Ideas for Using Beets

Jen Betterley

Published on: February 05, 2014

Creative ideas for using beets: Temporary heart tattoo made with beet juice by Heart and Country

Mom Carly of Heart and Country shares this cute idea for making quick, DIY temporary tattoos using beet juice. Whether you choose to show off your mini hearts by painting them on with a paintbrush, or carving heart stamps into beet slices to use as stamps, this is one heartfelt tattoo that your little one can wear with pride!

Creative ideas for using beets: All natural dyed Easter eggs by Tinker Lab

Skip the store-bought dye this Easter and make your very own veggie dye with this neat tutorial featured on Tinker Lab. Mom Rachelle says that this project was not only a great first step in moving away from synthetic dyes, but that it was also a fun opportunity to create art materials from scratch with her little one. And though beets are known for their vibrant pink and purple colors, it’s surprising to see that their juice dye turned their eggs into a grayish colors. How’s that for a fun afternoon experiment? See the rest of the post for tips on making your own veggie egg dyes.

Creative ideas for using beets: Pink beet lemonade by Nourished

Add a pop of surprising color (and nutrients) to your homemade lemonade with this fab idea for making pink beet lemonade featured on Nourished. A great recipe that can be made year-round, this quick and easy, bright and beautiful drink is made with only five ingredients: lemons, limes, a large beet, water and sugar (or other sweetener).

Creative ideas for using beets: Handmade beet-dyed gift wrap by The Gifted Blog

The Gifted Blog shares this cool idea for making beet-dyed gift wrap — and we love the pink and red colors included! To make your own, simply bake your beets until tender in a covered dish with a little bit of water in the bottom, and when they are done, pour your colorful liquid into a container. From there, you can stamp tissue paper with the baked beets, or use a paintbrush in the juice to create colorful one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Creative ideas for using beets: Sand and beet juice activity for kids by Connecting Family and Seoul

Whether you’re looking for a simple rainy-day idea or trying to find an easy experiment for the mini mad scientist in your home, this cool idea for coloring sand with beet juice included on Connecting Family and Seoul is sure to do the trick! Only requiring beet juice, a water dropper, a few pans, and some sand, this creative project will help sharpen your little one’s motor skills, and it offers up a super-quick activity for when boredom strikes.

Creative ideas for using beets: Beet-dyed tea towels by Bohachi Bean

Add a creative touch to your kitchen tea towels (or make easy gifts!) with this gorgeous idea featured on Bohachi Bean. To make your own, simply cook your beets in water on the stovetop until the beets are tender and the water has taken on a dark red hue. Chop off the beet tops and get to work on your cloth, using the tops as crafty stampers. See the rest of the tutorial for ideas on taking your design a step further with the help of some black ink. Such an easy way to transform a white tea towel into a colorful tabletop addition!

Creative ideas for using beets: All natural finger paints by Little Artists

If you worry about toxic finger paints making it into your little one’s mouth, take a tip from Little Artists and consider whipping up an all-natural batch of your own! Made using favorite veggies and fruits such as beets, berries and purple sweet potato, these colorful paints are made with veggie and fruit juices, cornstarch and water. Learn more by checking out the full tutorial.

Creative ideas for using beets: All natural beet play dough by Mommypotamus

Much like the concerns that go along with store-bought finger paints, this DIY all-natural beet play dough featured on The Mommypotamus is a perfect pick for parents that want to avoid any toxic ingredients. Made with flour, salt, cream of tartar, olive oil, water and a few drops of essentials oils for fragrance if desired, this colorful playtime must-have is incredibly easy to make and sure to keep your littles entertained for the afternoon.

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